Olijfboom, Olive tree, Olea Europaea

The Olea (olijfachtige) counted approximately 30 types by mutual crosses exist there today the day than 80 types olive-trees more among which the Moraiolo, Frantoio, Pendolino, Maurino, Coratina, Leccino and the Olea Europaea. The tree grows initially relative slowly, has a thick tribe and long root. Because of the increase of the root, there each time a minimum distance between the trees must be apprehended at planting. Just after 5 years the tree starts be fruitful. Olive-trees are known to become a lot of hundreds of years old. Old olive-trees are particularly valuable.

Olijfboom, Olive tree, Olea Europaea

Everywhere around the mediteranian sea coast we find these tree type. Olive-trees are subtropical and love mild winters and dry summers.

Tank plant

Once within the tree on a spot must directly be put in the sun, kindest on the south west if that is possible. Take into account that this tree has to at least six hours be able reach sun per day necessary flowering. Too dense at the window or at a heating place however doesn't help the tree . The most ideal circumstances created by you by placing the tree in the garden in summertime and inside in winter time. Here you have a couple examples of olivetrees such as you can buy them in the shops.

Olijfboomolive treeolivetree giftolivetree jute

 The olives are firstly green, afterwards they become black. If you can remove them without much effort, the fruit is ripe. The olive is then still very bitter and must a certain process undergo the olive to become which we gladly eat

The ideal ground to place the tree is keep nutritive and clay. You can accomplish that by using  garden ground, completed with clay grains and compost, the ground becomes nicely light. The drainage must be ideal, because the olive-tree does not love cold feet. For this reason lay your clay grains in the pot, where it takes most of the water. Redundant water must be able to flow from the pot so rootrotning isn't possible.

If you give water to the tree, don't make the ground too wet. But do not let him dry out certainly. When the ground up to 3 centimetres senses deeply dry, it is time give water. That must happen also in the rest period in the winter. Then the tree must be kept at a temperature between 2 and the 10 degrees celsius.

To prune
Pruning of an olive-tree goes in the same way as on which you would prune a tadpole. The olive-tree can be pruned entirely bald. The tree will develop then however few fruit.  however if you want fruit, then leave some branches . These lead the year with new fruit.

Olive oil is well for health it diminishes bad Ldl-cholesterol, prevents heartdiseases, reduces the too low or too high levels of bloodpressure, reduces the chance on cancer, flatulence does and liver to function better, is well for the budding out scheme, (with 75%) the chance on rheuma diminishes, helps with the treatment of sugar

Olijfboom, Olive tree, Olea Europaea